company info

The Idea

In mid-December 2005 - was launched. The idea of Sale Spot was to help wholesalers and retailers move their excess or discounted stock which in turn would help online shoppers by providing genuine sales and quality brands.

The Vision

  1. To create an online shopping site allowing easy access to genuine wholesale & retail store sales, all in one location.
  2. To provide great prices, quality product, large variety and excellent customer service.
  3. To visually enhance the shopping experience for online shoppers.
  4. To create a contemporary online facility for wholesalers & retailers to move excess stock and expand their sales.
  5. To provide a selling avenue that company´┐Żs would be proud to associate their name or brand with.

We believe we are reaching our goals, but will never stop striving to make Sale Spot better for both the customer and the vendor. Our overall mission is for our customers to receive value while having an enjoyable experience both while browsing & when buying with Sale Spot and for a positive & successful working relationship with our vendors.

We hope you enjoy using our shopping site.